Daily steps toward lasting change.
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Kai is new kind of personal trainer 100% via text message.


You don't need a new workout plan, fad diet, or celebrity product. You need a personal fitness coach who cares.

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Sign up and share your story and fitness goals


Get a customized and evolving nutrition and fitness plan


Hit your goals with proactive daily accountability


Everything you need to reach your fitness goals.


Kai is a truly personal personal trainer.


“...like a therapist and physical trainer mixed together.”


“If it's just me, I’ll make excuses, but this worked, and I saw gains.”


“I am LOVING this accountability. I finally feel like I'm not just spinning my wheels.”

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The best coach is everything.

Reaching your fitness goal is not just a physical journey. Kai's technology brings the right coach to you, when you need them, for whatever you need. Here are a few of the experts Kai utilizes for you.


Diets suck. Gyms are confusing. Personal trainers are expensive.


The fitness industry is overwhelming.

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Kai makes it simple.

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All those big-name programs take your money and then just... leave you hanging.


Kai sticks with you through the tough spots, keeping you moving even when things get hard.

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No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Kai will help you reach your goal. 100% via text message. There's no app to download and no appointments to miss.


The best personal fitness training app is already on your phone.


Real humans. Invisible technology.

Kai is not one single person. Kai is the combination of experts in fitness, diet, mindfulness, and accountability. Our technology ensures that Kai never loses track of your progress, so you don't either.

Daily interaction. Daily progress.

Lasting results and life-long habits come from relationship. Kai gives you a personalized plan and sets the pace that's right for you. You maintain control of your schedule and your life. Kai works on your time.


No judgement. No shame.

Kai will never make you feel bad about your fitness journey. Kai won't make you take before/after photos. Kai won't show you a photo of a ridiculously fit person (unless it's part of a meme).


Kai knows exactly how to help you, no matter what your goal is.


3 ways to experience Kai.

What's next? Here's what to expect:

Step 1:
Choose your plan and create your account

Step 2:
Schedule your first conversation with Kai

Step 3:
Complete your fitness and goals profile

Then, Kai will text you at your scheduled time. After that, it's just like texting your friend.