Daily steps toward lasting change.


Say hello to the world's first AI-enabled fitness coach that communicates entirely via text message.


Text "Who is Kai?" to 513-795-1222

Kai will text back and spend some time getting to know you and your fitness goals – all via text message.

Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or just sticking to a diet (for more than a week), Kai helps you reach your goals by giving you daily steps that lead to change. Along the way, Kai will answer your questions, adjust to your needs, and give you the encouragement you need to keep going – through good times and bad.

You can get started for free. No hard sell, no long-term commitments.


Daily steps toward lasting change.


Step 1
Share your goals.

Lose weight? Build muscle? Stick to a diet for more than a month? Tell Kai about your life and your goals.


Step 2

Kai makes a plan.

Plan the work, work the plan. Kai gives you a plan and sets the pace that's right for you.


Step 3
Make progress every day.

Through daily text conversations, Kai leads you through the necessary diet changes, exercise routines, creating new habits, and learning new skills.


Step 4

Kai keeps you moving.

Kai sticks with you through good times and bad. Reached your goal and ready to set a new one? Want to do that thing  someone else told you was impossible? Prove them wrong with Kai by your side.


Take the first step on your fitness journey.

Text "Who is Kai?" to 513-795-1222


You've tried every diet, trainer, workout plan, app, and class out there. None of them lead to lasting change. All of them leave you right where they found you – lost, defeated, ashamed. Kai is different.


More, for less.

Why pay hundreds of dollars a month to see someone once a week? For less than 25% of the cost of a personal trainer, you could have a qualified coach just a text away.

No gimmicks.

You're done buying the latest diet plan, workout DVD, or exercise contraption. This is your journey on your terms. Kai is here to guide you and help you get what you need when you need it.

Committed to you.

This is your journey; you are the hero, Kai is the guide. Kai helps you set goals, equips you to reach them, and encourages you all along the way.


Be stronger today than you were yesterday.


You don't need convenience.

A personal trainer can give you their routine, but can they help you discover yours? This is a difficult journey, and you need someone to  guide you.

You don't need the latest thing.

Kai isn't trying to sell you a piece of equipment or a supplement. Kai is invested in making sure what works for you works for you.

You don't need another weekly appointment.

Unlike a personal trainer who you see just once a week, Kai works on your schedule and is always just a text away.


Kai is all about you and your goals.

Text "Who is Kai?" to 513-795-1222


Human + Machine

Kai blends the empathy and authority of a human with the power and scale of modern approaches to personality design, automation, and machine learning. We call it Hybrid Intelligence, and it’s fundamentally changing how people pursue their most important goals.

By signing up for Kai, you’re not just getting a badass fitness coach, you’re helping create the future of fitness coaching.


Ready for your own AI fitness coach?

Text "Who is Kai?" to 513-795-1222