Kai Gym Equipment Walkthroughs

The gym can be a very intimidating place. The most difficult part for many of us is taking the first steps through the door.

There are some really intense gear in that joint, and most of it looks like it could squish you if you use it incorrectly. Meanwhile, all the people in there clearly know what they're doing and because you don't, they are all instantly judging you. Right?

Or, maybe that's just me? Doubt it.

Either way, the team here at Kai decided to make some simple videos to show how easy--and not serious--it is to adjust and use these machines. Take a gander.

And keep your chin up, you got this. Unless the workout has you tuck your chin, then it's better if you tuck your chin. Consult Kai on that.

*** Huge thanks to River North Gym for letting us do these in their facility in Chicago.

Levi Bethune