Daily steps toward lasting change.
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Build more than muscle. Gain confidence and finally make real progress.


Other fitness programs tell you what to do. Kai listens to what you say, and gives you exactly what you need. 100% via text message, and completely private.

Change the shape of your body, guaranteed.



Sign up and share your story and fitness goals


Get customized and evolving nutrition and fitness plans


Hit new goals with proactive daily steps and actions


Kai gives you exactly what you need to finally build muscle. With no judgement.

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"Over and over I was told what I should WANT to look like. Kai was the first to really listen to me and set me up for practical and obtainable success."


Find out if Kai is right for you:


You don't need to be intimidated by the gym. Kai can help you walk in like you own the place.

Workout tutorials and equipment walkthroughs sent directly to you via text. Kai will answer the questions you didn't know you had.


Change isn't easy, but it's totally possible. No matter what anyone (or your metabolism) says.

There are a lot of things are aren't for you. But, who is there to tell you what is for you? Kai is like your friend who happens to know everything about fitness.



A coach that's in your corner, dedicated to making sure you reach your goals. Pushing you when you need it, but supporting you always.


100% via text message so you control your schedule and how much interaction you have. Don't wanna talk right now? Cool.


No judgement from Kai. Everyone has their own fitness journey, and it's dumb to assume that one program works for everyone.