Daily steps toward lasting change.


Step 1
Share your goals.

Lose weight? Build muscle? Stick to a diet for more than a month? Tell Kai about your life and your goals.


Step 2

Kai makes a plan.

Plan the work, work the plan. Kai gives you a plan and sets the pace that's right for you.


Step 3
Make progress every day.

Through daily text conversations, Kai leads you through the necessary diet changes, exercise routines, creating new habits, and learning new skills.


Step 4

Kai keeps you moving.

Kai sticks with you through good times and bad. Reached your goal and ready to set a new one? Want to do that thing  someone else told you was impossible? Prove them wrong with Kai by your side.


Take the first step on your fitness journey.

Text "Who is Kai?" to 513-795-1222