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Kai empowers personal coaches to scale via text message.

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Kai brings coaching to the masses via text message.


The most effective way to accomplish personal goals is with a personal coach.

Unfortunately, the best coaches are unaccessible to anyone except the elite.

Kai’s text-messaging coaching platform helps organizations and coaches scale their unique personal communication.

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Conversation changes everything.


Unlike most agent-based customer communication services, Kai's text-messaging conversation platform is built to help maintain and sustain relationships.

Easily keep track of goals, progress, personal details, schedule, and emotional triggers.

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Kai helps personal coaches scale their business.

Meet Rachael, a fitness and wellness coach. Rachael’s customers love interacting with her, and they stick around because of her unique sensibilities and communication style.

Rachael knows that she has hit the ceiling with her coaching services and can no longer sustain adding new clients. Her only options for growth are to raise her prices and lose some loyalty, or to stretch herself and deliver a subpar experience.

Kai can help Rachael reach up to 3x the amount of people, at a lower price point, while delivering the same high-touch, personal experience.


Kai helps organizations reach all their people without shouting.

Say hello to Livingstone Church, a non-profit organization that mentors thousands of people every weekend. Their mission is to see personal growth in every participant.

Livingstone wants to extend the experience from the weekend throughout the week, and keep attendee engagement up. They know they need to increase communication, but building that infrastructure in-house is too expensive.

Kai can help Livingstone create personal, meaningful connections with their attendees while listening and reacting to their needs throughout the week.


Kai enables coaches in any industry to effectively scale their operation and reach more people than ever before.