Jonathan Smith

Founder, CEO, miniature golf enthusiast

Jonathan graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2009 with degrees in Economics, History, Political Science, and Philosophy.

He began his career at a small research firm specializing in empathy and the emotional drivers of behavior change.

While pursuing his own fitness journey, Jonathan has trained under a US Army Green Beret, a world-champion bodybuilder, and a competitive powerlifter with two world records.

Jonathan started Kai on his 30th birthday, after leaving his role as Director of Insights and Strategy at a church with over 50,000 weekend attendees, the 4th largest in the U.S.

Jane Decker

Cofounder, COO, big deal in Japan

Before joining Kai, Jane built her own personal brand to over 1,000,000 streams and 14,000 social media followers across multiple platforms. She’s also a really big deal in Japan.

Her previous startup gig was Customer Engagement for Jumper Threads (Brandery '17).

At Kai, Jane leads a team of behind-the-scenes human coaches, making sure every Kai client has an incredible experience on their journey towards change.

Jane and Jonathan are brother and sister, have partnered on multiple projects over the last 10 years, and currently live in the same apartment building and share snacks.

Dan Rye

Cofounder, CTO, owner of 500+ board games

Dan Rye graduated from Ohio University in 2004 with degrees in Computer Science, Math, and Business.

He has held Senior Software Engineering roles at Cincinnati-based Quest Diagnostics and Duke Energy, and has previous CTO experience for two healthcare startups in the Employee Wellness and Patient Portal space.

Before joining Kai, Dan was the Enterprise Architect at a church with 11 physical sites, over 50,000 total weekly attendees, and a weekly global streaming audience of 5,000+. 

At Kai, Dan is using Python, Node, Angular, Twilio, and Firebase Firestore to build Change Agent, our custom software that combines human and machine effort to scale great coaching.